I Came, I Saw, I Iron Bowled. Thoughts from The best game in History

2 12 2013

Source: Auburntigers.com

What The Hell Did I Watch?

I thought that this game would be a classic, I thought that Alabama would win the game. That didn’t happen. This did instead:

To be able to watch that first hand, and seeing Chris Davis run toward yours truly to win the game. Epic. It’s not only the best iron Bowl in history, It’s the greatest ending in the history of college football. Incredible. Just incredible.

So without further ado,  my take on the game that I was honored to be at:

Auburn ran the football when they wanted to early and often.

296 yards on the ground. Tre Mason, 164 yards. Nick Marshall 99 yards. Many believed Alabama would stop what many said prior to the game that was a basic read option. Prior to the game, Auburn players said that they believed they would have success on The Tide front seven. Did they ever. The Tigers literally ran it when they wanted to, and dominated the lines of scrimmage.

Nick Saban believed his offense could get 1 yard on 4th and 1.

You have the right to believe that Alabama should have attempted a field goal up 7 on 4th and 1 late in fourth quarter. They didn’t. Why? because he felt that his team., his Alabama team, with his offensive line, his running backs could get one yard and ice the game. Auburn stuffed it. Could Alabama kicked the field goal and ultimately ended the game? Sure. But Nick Saban believed that his team could get one yard. Auburn had other plans.

Ellis Johnson should get a TON of credit.

Is The Tigers 4-2-5 scheme ready from a personnel standpoint for first year coordinator Ellis Johnson moving forward?. No. But he has 9-10 guys on the defensive line that are as good as anyone in the SEC. Give credit to the likes of Gabe Wright, Nosa Eugae, Dee Ford, Eljah Daniel, Carl Lawson, etc for not sacking AJ McCarron, but getting him off his “spot” making his night very uncomfortable. Alabama could go deep, (was looking more from the Tide going vertical) but for one reason or another that didn’t happen.

Alabama didn’t control the lines of scrimmage.

Many thought that the Tide offensive and defensive lines had improved over the course of the season. They have. They just played a better Offensive and Defensive line on Saturday. The Tide were good enough to win no question (T.J. Yeldon  141 yards, 1 TD), but for four quarters, Auburn controlled the lines of scrimmage.

Amari Cooper is unstoppable

When Healthy, I’m taking #9 over any wide out in the country. He’s a beast. Elite speed, and an elite route runner. He couldn’t be covered all night, that 99 yarder tells you everything. 6 rec, 178 yards, 1 TD. Pretty darn good.

I have even more respect for AJ McCarron

36-3 as a starter. 3 National Championships. 90 plus percent winning percentage. McCarron has been special at Alabama, and over the years he has continued to gain more respect from me. Well done #10 on a great career.

Missed opportunities for Alabama

If Cade Foster makes a field goal or two, the game is over. End of story. But give credit to Auburn, and the Jordan-Hare Stadium electric crowd as well. They influenced a kicker that has been spot on all season.

The Final Play

Adam Griffith kicked that 57 yarder as good as anyone could have kicked it. With wind behind him. It looked good. What did Auburn do? put Chris Davis who three weeks earlier returned a punt against Tennessee in the back of the end zone just in case. Not only did he get a running start when the kick was short, but he got GREAT blocking by his teammates initially on the return,  with Gus Malzahn and his staff understanding that  Alabama had there field goal blockers or as they say “big guys” on the field. They took advantage, and the rest is history.

Quick Hitters:

—If Florida State and Ohio State win their conference title games, They play for the BCS National Title. End of Story. Never in the history of the BCS has  two remaining teams in power conferences NOT played for the National Championship, with everyone else having one loss. Yes Auburn’s resume is better than Florida State and Ohio State, but they do have one loss. If both the Noles and Buckeyes win, the SEC streak of title appearances will be over.

—Who in the world will win the Heisman?

—A special job well done to former Alabama A&M Head Coach Anthony Jones. The University fired Jones Sunday after just his  third losing season in 12 years. Jones won at A&M with sub par resources and graduated his players. It’s safe to say he won’t be out of a head coaching job anytime soon, wouldn’t be surprised if he lands another coaching gig right in the SWAC if he wants it. A good man, that deserves to be recognized for what he did on “The Hill” considering some terrible circumstances during his tenure.

A conference championship preview later this week…

And I leave you with something pretty cool and fun on the Iron Bowl….

Have a great week everyone!

Iron Bowl 2013… and Other Turkey Notes

29 11 2013

Source: collegefootballsi.com

What The State Of Alabama Has Been Waiting for

First off, sorry for the delay of a new blog post on Carl’s Clipboard. I know only three people read it, but for those three folks… my apologies… now moving on…

Can this Iron Bowl get anymore hype? Thank goodness it’s Friday and we can see kickoff right in front of us at Jordan-Hare Stadium. #4 Auburn hosting #1 Alabama for a TON of high stakes. The winner heads to Atlanta and the SEC Championship game and the inside track of playing in Pasadena for the BCS National Title game.

For the Auburn Tigers, it’s been a miraculous turn around in Gus Malzahn’s first year as Head Coach. winless in the SEC, and now 10-1 with a chance to win the West in the regular season finale? Couldn’t ask for anything more than that. They’ve ran the football with ease this season, the best rushing offense in the league.

As for Alabama, it’s been business as usual for what is currently the best college football program in the country. 11-0, only two serious threats this season (Texas A&M, LSU), both games they won, and now Nick Saban and company get to travel on the road in what will be a rocking atmosphere to try and keep their hopes of a third straight National Title in the picture.

Keys to the game in yours truly’s eyes for Auburn

You better be able to run.  Gus Malzahn has made no bones about it, he will dance with the offense that brought him to this point. Tre Mason and Nick Marhsall have been devastating with the read option this season. Add in speedster Corey Grant and Cameron Artis-Payne and you have a run game that hasn’t been stopped but for two quarters this season (at LSU).

Marshall has shown that he can throw the football, and has nice touch on the deep ball. Sammie Coates and Ricardo Louis have been fantastic this season..  Louis especially for this..

along with CJ Uzomah and Jay Prosch doing their job as far as run blocking. Let’s not forget about that offensive line. Remember before Gene Chizik was fired, he brought in a trio of top 5 recruiting classes, most of those prospects on the offensive line. The big fellas up front have been just as dominant.

Keys to the game for Alabama

DO WHAT YOU DO. The defense has continued to develop with each snap, each quarter, and each game. the front seven has sniffed out anything and everything that has attempted to run the football this season (Oustide the beasts known as Texas A&M’s offense). The secondary has had their issues throughout the year, but many teams haven’t been able to expose those issues consistently (beside A&M). It will be the front seven against the backfield and O-line of Auburn that could tell us all we need to know in the first quarter of the game.

Key Matchups

CJ Mosley Vs Nick Marshall, Tre Mason, Cameron Artis Payne, Corey Grant

Oustide of UCLA’s Anthony Barr, CJ Mosley has been the best linebacker in the country in my opinion. He will once again be needed to try and take away what Auburn wants to do. He makes all the checks at the line, he does all the adjustments in  game for that front seven…. He will be called upon again Saturday.

Brian Vogler, O.J. Howard, Bama Running Backs  Vs. Auburn Linebackers

Auburn runs a great 4-2-5 scheme by Ellis Johnson, who’s done a masterful job of implementing his system this season. It doesn’t hurt that he can get quality minutes from 9-10 Defensive lineman in the scheme. the most important part of the scheme.. the linebackers. they are called to do a ton in space, run support, and against the pass. Very interested to see if the Auburn linebackers will be able to cover O.J. Howard, Vogler, and Tide running backs in the flats Saturday.

Prediction for Iron Bowl 2013

Let’s just wait till later… why not?

Quick Hitters

— I still think that Johnny Manziel should win the Heisman. It’s for the best player in college football. Did he play poorly against LSU? yep, he has the past two seasons. But if he goes nuts against Missouri, those that jumped off the Manziel train, will be looking for another ticket at the A&M depot.

—-My top five invited to New York (on Friday Nov 23rd),  IF they bring five: Manziel, Derek Carr, Jordan Lynch, Jameis Winston, AJ McCarron

—I have NO clue about the Winston saga, nor do I want to speculate when dealing with such a serious matter. The only issue I have is the length of a decision. If you have all the facts, or what you need, why wait till two weeks from now when the teams focus will be on a bowl game and/or Heisman talk? I want justice to be served either way, I just don’t want grandstanding by judges and officials because of current football circumstances.

—Missouri has the better defense, which means you should give them the win over A&M this week. One problem. I can’t bet against Mr.  Manziel. I don’t know how, but A&M will come away with the win, sending South Carolina to the SEC Title game.

—Just watching throughout the season in the SEC, defenses will reign supreme again.. in 2014.  LSU, Alabama, Ole Miss,  Mississippi St, and Auburn come to mind. Overall defenses will be far better, including Texas A&M… but how much worse can they get?

—Kevin Sumlin stays in College Station and contends for a BCS bowl or better next season, with or without Manziel, James Franklin leaves if it’s USC or Texas calling. Look Vandy fans, you are having more success than you have ever had in the history of your program. and YOU STILL CAN’T FILL YOUR STADIUM. That’s a problem. I admire Jordan Matthews (know him and his family, great people), but my goodness what else can Franklin do with this program? If you loose him Vandy fans, It’s your fault. End of story.

—Will Muschamp loses to Georgia Southern last week, Gators AD Jeremy Foley, and president Bernie Machen say he’s safe. Does that change if they lose by 45 plus against the Noles?

—No disrespect to Michigan. But if Ohio State loses to the Maize and Blue Saturday, they will not shake the overrated moniker EVER until they win a National Title. You win Saturday and you lose to Michigan State, it wont be as bad. Still bad, but not as bad as losing to an average Michigan team.

—Michigan State has the best defense in the country.  But Minnesota has a solid group… Gophers Vs Spartans should be one of the better games of the day Saturday.

—Not even gonna lie about it. I’m rooting for David Cutcliff and Duke against the Tar heels. One of the nicest men in the game hands down.

–Also rooting for my Alma mater. the fighting Bobby Petrino’s.. big game at home.


I have went back and forth on this game. Is there something magical happening at Auburn? Is Alabama too much Saturday? Can Auburn run against that D? Can Auburn’s D stop Bama run and total offense? I have the same questions and thoughts as I’m sure most do whether you’re a Tide or Tiger fan.

I keep thinking this game will be close, with Auburn making some plays throughout. I want to think because the Tigers are at home, playing in what will be an electric atmosphere, on Senior Day, the  emotions will carry them a ton. I think Nick Marshall will play well. Can he make THE play on offense in the game when his team needs it the most? Can Auburn’s defense stonewall the Tide O?

I have to be real with myself, and as I do believe Auburn can win this game (last 24 years..12 wins for Auburn, 12 for Alabama), and wouldn’t be shocked if they won… They will have to show me first hand if they can beat the champs.

Alabama 31, Auburn 27.

I hope that everyone has a great Holiday weekend, enjoy your health, family, and friends, and have fun watching the game and the rest of college football this weekend. I’ll be back for sure typing away next week as we get ready for the SEC Championship in Atlanta.


Weekly rumblings with a side of Bangerz (And yes it is who you think it is)

11 10 2013

(Source: usatoday.com)

Your rumblings heading into the weekend:

— OMG! (that’s what kids are saying in texts right?) Louisville only beat Rutgers 24-10 last night! What gives? I told you they were underrated!!!


College football fan that doesn’t believe Louisville is any good because of their schedule

OK. I get that Louisville’s schedule is putrid at best. Unfortunately folks these schedules are put in place way before just this year. I do know (and believe it’s common knowledge that Louisville tried to set a game up with Texas A&M… in which the Aggies and Cards couldn’t get worked out. They even tried to find a neutral game against Alabama or Wisconsin to start the year. You think the Tide or Badgers wanted to take that risk to play Louisville to start the year? I’ll let you answer that.

Look, I’m all for teams on the rise having to play a tougher schedule, but these teams also have to have the help from the power leagues to do so. This will all change starting next season and beyond when strength of schedule becomes a factor in determining the four teams in the College Football Playoff.

— Speaking of the start of next year’s playoff, Next Wednesday in Dallas, the 13 member committee selecting the four teams will be announced. According to the Associated Press and ESPN, the members are expected to be as follows:

Barry Alvarez, Mike Gould, Pat Haden, Tom Jernstedt, Jeff Long, Oliver Luck, Archie Manning, Tom Osborne, Dan Radakovich, Condoleezza Rice, Mike Tranghese, Steve Wieberg and Tyrone Willingham.

The members will also be responsible as well as ranking and placing at-large teams in the non contract New Year’s Day bowls (Cotton, Fiesta and Chick-fil-A).

Everyone saying that Condolezza Rice doesn’t belong on the committee need to relax. Do I believe Ms Rice watched college football all day Saturday in years past? No. But do I think that she will be very diligent in watching now. Yes. Listen, We could take 15 women, and make them watch the top ten teams games on a weekly basis, and I believe they could pick the top four teams. The ol’ eyeball test, and who you’ve played will tell you all you need to know. Not as difficult as folks are making it out to be. Just my two cents.

—I LOVE ED ORGERON!! I love his passion and how players love being around him (And Bruce Feldman’s book, Meat Market on Coach O and his former team Ole Miss is a classic, must read).  USC just looked like they were having fun last night at the Coliseum in their win over Arizona.

Here’s the reality. The Trojans are razor thin depth wise, and can’t really afford any injuries down the stretch. Do I think Coach O should be in consideration for the job, yes. I think he’s a tireless recruiter, and would have all the resources he needs to win at USC (better than what he had to deal with at Ole Miss).  I just don’t think AD Pat Haden will go that route, and will try to “stamp” the program from his point of view with a hire of his own.

—Mark Richt should just open up MASH units all across his football facilities in Athens. Banged up is the understatement of the year for Georgia.

—And no I’m not picking Missouri to win Saturday. Prove it Tigers, and my ears will perk up mid day Saturday.

—With or without D’Anthony Thomas, Oregon wins on the road against Washington. Although I think the Huskies are rising under Steve Sarkisian. Bishop Sankey is serious in the Huskies backfield.

—As great as Florida’s Defense is, I’m rolling with LSU Saturday. The Gators D will keep them in it early, but the Gators offense (although better with Tyler Murphy at QB) will sputter just enough for LSU to not go score for score with the Gators.

LSU 35  Florida 13

—The Red River Rivalry will be closer than we think Saturday. If it’s not, that Mack Brown hot seat, will be white hot after four quarters.

If There’s an Upset Saturday:

Arkansas over South Carolina.

Can we honestly just say that Arkansas have played as hard as anyone in the SEC this season? The Hogs led 24-7 over Rutgers before losing on the road, and loss to the greatest show on earth in Johnny Manziel and Texas A&M. The running game is beastly with Alex Collins and Jonathan Williams. And Brandon Allen has the makings of a future standout in the league moving forward. The defense aren’t world beaters, but they are good enough to pull of the upset, especially if the Gamecocks start slow (see UCF two weeks ago).

Funny Times since the last time I posted:

I was sent this actually three weeks ago. I didn’t laugh. Everyone around me did at the office when I watched it. In hindsight, It is… well…

This is funny in the sense that I can’t understand how in the world the defense can’t tackle, and how this kids just Thunder punches, and goes all beast mode on the would be tacklers.

 And Without Further Ado:


Shhh… I like it. Well done Miley. Well done.

P.S, don’t judge me.

Enjoy the weekend!

Manziel is Must See TV, and quick hitters

20 09 2013


Just another day at the office for Manziel and Alabama

What a game. Back and forth. Offense galore. Texas A&M showed that even Nick Saban with 9 months to prepare still cant stop Manziel. And just like many thought after Texas A&M gave up over 500 yards rushing to Rice and Sam Houston State, the Aggies D wouldn’t hold up. Alabama did what they wanted offensively against the Aggies, and AJ McCarron had himself a day (4TD’s, 0 INT) in the 49-42 win.

As for the Aggies and Manziel. EVERYONE that said that Manziel couldn’t live up to the hype amidst distractions should  be eating bowls full of crow. He’s simply unstoppable, he can only stop himself (as the two interceptions last week proved). over 500 yards of offense. Accounted for 5 TD’s.  Texas A&M is the team NO ONE wants to face, especially Alabama again. BUT, how good would a rematch in the National Title game in Pasadena be between these two. that would be must see TV.

QUICK Hitters for this weekend and other stuff

–Not alot of marquee matchups across college football, only one ranked matchups this week.

— A game of interest in the SEC… Auburn at LSU… I think Auburn will play well, early. just too much LSU, I think they bludgeon Auburn to death down the stretch with the running game, along with Zach Mettenberger continuing to improve play by play, quarter by quarter under Cam CAmeron… LSU 35… Auburn 14.

—Clemson caught a serious break last night.. go look it up to see what I’m talking about.

— Nick Saban to Texas? Would doubt it, but whether he admits it or not, he, or his agent have heard talks from folks on the 40 acres.

— How great is Floyd Mayweather? Wow.

—The Cleveland Browns.. are well the Cleveland Browns. Thanks for playing in the game show the 2013 NFL Season. Who’s first in the 2014 draft? Jags or Browns? ugghh.

Enjoy the weekend!

The Game Of The Century (For this year) and other tidbits

13 09 2013


The Game

(1) Alabama Vs (6) Texas A&M

What’s at stake

Well, haven’t we talked about this game for what seems like 10 years? It’s the Aggies and Tide in College Station. The winner with a leg up in the SEC West and the National Title Chase, the loser, upset for a week, but with a TON of football left to get back in the hunt.

Alabama wins if…

They show up and play like Alabama. Look, for all the issues with the offensive line, and the lack of production from the offense in their 25 POINT WIN over Virginia Tech, it was one game. You couldn’t have expected for the O-line to lose three NFL draft picks on arguably one of the best lines in the history of college football, and not have some growing pains. The Hokies in week one did a lot of stunts and movement along the line that caused some of those new faces on the line to have some problems. The line then correlates with the running game or lack thereof, AJ McCarron not being comfortable as well.

If Alabama lines up and from the start establishes the run, It’s safe to say they could be on their way to victory that’s because their opponent….

Texas A&M wins if…

MUST STOP THE RUN. In the Aggies first two games of the season (Rice, Sam Houston St) they’ve given up 546 yards on the ground. Not good. In the Aggies defense they have been without their first team starters (injuries, suspensions). Still, 546 yards, is 546 yards, Not good when you have Alabama coming to town, where the Tide want to Establish the run.

X Factor for Alabama

Offensive Line. Yes I just said earlier that the line had some growing pains and dealt with a stout unit from Virginia Tech. But you can’t overlook that the line had issues. If they can’t block, it will be a long day, as in a blowout ling day.

X Factor for Texas A&M

The Aggies Defense. If the Aggies want to remain undefeated they will have to get stops, and 3 and outs. Johnny Manziel wont be the reason the Aggies lose the game (and this time next week he throws 4 picks in the game). In order for Manziel to put points on the board and take a lead and beyond, the defense has to keep the Tide at bay, meaning not allowing them to control the clock and dictate the pace of the game.

What will happen

Before the season, I was emphatic with picking Texas A&M over Alabama. Fast forward to suspensions on defense with the Aggies, and how the team has played in run defense.. it gave me a major cause for concern. One thing is for certain, if A&M leads 21-0 to start the game much like last years meeting in Tuscaloosa, Alabama has no chance at Kyle Field.  Alabama did respond in the second half of that game, and took over at times, BUT the best player on the field made the plays down the stretch that gave the Aggies the win.  I think that Manziel will be sensational, would be shocked if he didn’t make a ton of plays, but as I keep going back to… the defense. I haven’t seen anything on D that makes me believe they will be able to get stops consistently. Will that be good enough? Just depends on if the issues we all saw with Alabama are more than that week one win. The Tide are favorite in this game, and Vegas seems to always be right (or at least cover)…

Alabama over Texas A&M


I wont be shocked if the Aggies win or they win big on the road either, just for the record… So YES. I’m hedging my pick, and I’m on the fence… sort of.

College Football tidbits

—There are some very ROUGE agents in the professional sports world. the Yahoo sports article released Wednesday shows just that. Instead of the ol’ under the table extra benefits, agents re now trying to find players to be intermediaries for prospective athletes. Sadly, there is nothing that will or can be truly done about this, besides the future pro athlete staying away. Agents will continue to go the route of players and teammates close to someone to make illegal things happen.

— And NO, Nick Saban isn’t at fault. It’s like a parent that teaches and guides a child the right way through life, and then they do something wrong. Is it the parent’s fault?

–Oklahoma St should go about its business as usual in Stillwater. I could care less about 30 players, 27 of them that didn’t even finish school saying there was drug use. I always feel it’s the proverbial “ax to grind”

—I heard some Tennessee Vols fans saying they will give Oregon a great game at Autzen Stadium. Oregon may score 60.

—Teddy Bridgewater will throw 6 TD’s over UK in a Cards win

—I’m a HUGE boxing fan, and think that Floyd Mayweather will have some tough moments early on against Canelo Alverez, but will do a masterful job down the stretch to remain undefeated.


So… the phenomenon known as “twerking” has become popular in pop culture… alot of that has to do with the person below:


What was even funnier… when twerking goes wrong, that went viral

What’s even funnier… my co workers telling me that was a prank, put on by none other than funny man Jimmy Kimmel.

Well done, Mr Kimmel, well done… I was duped.

Everyone enjoy the weekend and the games!

Quick Picks Week 2

6 09 2013


Quick Picks for Saturday

A great week one of the year.. a longer post to come for a MEGA week 3 (Bama/A&M anyone?)

14 Notre Dame Vs 17 Michigan

I think you will see the emergence of Greg Bryant at the Big House under the lights Saturday night. Look for the highly touted freshman to make an impact, Notre Dame’s defense will also step up and play well in the front seven.

Notre Dame  35  Michigan 14

6 South Carolina Vs 8 Georgia

I think the Bulldogs will play inspired between the Hedges.. This game is the SEASON for the Dawgs if they want to try and make it to Atlanta in December. I love the young talent the Dawgs have on D, just think South Carolina’s the best team in the East. And for anyone that questions Jadeveon Clowney’s play in week one… don’t poke the bear.. He may play out of his mind Saturday.

South Carolina 17  Georgia 14

12 Florida Vs Miami

Al Golden has done just a masterful job with the Miami program amid the NCAA’s stupidity and their so called investigation or lack thereof with the program that has went on for EVER. Duke Johnson is  star, Stephen Morris is NFL ready right now at QB… I just don’t know if the Canes can stop the run well enough… Still I think the Canes get the upset, even though Florida has the better personnel.

Miami 13  Florida 10


Western KY over Tennessee

Why? I’m a Western Alum. And why not? The Vols do have more talent across the board than the Hilltoppers, but I think Western can run the football (Antonio Andrews), and has just enough on defense to make things interesting. If the Tops win, they could be ranked on Sunday… I can dream right?

Season pick record on the Clipboard: 11-3 (after week 1)

Enjoy the weekend!

And It’s Back!! College Football Talk and other quick Hitters

29 08 2013


Yep, We’ve waited and waited, and now It’s here… I feel like I should play this song before each season..

So now it’s on to tonight the start of the college football season, some great games to get us started before the full slate begins on Saturday… Here’s what we saw a ton of during the off season….

That video above never, NEVER gets old… What about this guy? He came out of nowhere, right?

And then it was Manziel mania…. Oh yeah, I forgot, Bama wins AGAIN.

So enough about last year.. time to talk this year and time to talk big games starting on Thursday night:

North Carolina Vs (6) South Carolina

The skinny:  The college football world has talked Jadaveon Clowney and that hit (and rightfully so) a ton, now the Gamecocks and Steve Spurrier have one of the most talented rosters in history, and hope to make a run to a BCS game or possibly more, North Carolina on the other hand wants to shock the football world early with a win tonight on the road.

What will happen: This game could go either way. Lost in all the Clowney talk, is that the Gamecocks lost some experienced play makers on defense, and will be breaking in some new linebackers tonight.. not a good recipe for the Tar Heels potent offense led by senior Brynn Renner. I think the Tar Heels will scare the Gamecocks throughout, and could play well late into this game, before the Gamecocks makes a play of two, on Defense to get the win at home.

North Carolina 17  South Carolina 28

Ole Miss Vs Vanderbilt

The Skinny: This game is HUGE for both teams moving forward. After tonight’s game, Ole Miss has a layup against South East Missouri and then  will play at Texas, Alabama, Auburn, and then at home against Texas A&M. Vandy on the other hand will have a layup against Austin Peay, but then a big one with South Carolina after that… meaning that either team could gain some serious momentum with a win tonight.

What will happen: Vanderbilt will have a new QB at the helm in Wyoming transfer Austyn Carta-Samuels.  A Source that watched a ton of Fall Camp at Vandy  told me that he’s struggled and been inconsistent throughout fall camp, which could mean trouble for wideout Jordan Matthews tonight early on. I think Samuels has talent, but this is not the type of game you want to get your feet wet in. Hugh Freeze and the Rebels will score, in bunches and two step out of Nashville with a win.

OIe Miss 35   Vanderbilt 17

Saturday Games

1 Alabama Vs Virginia Tech

The Skinny: Alabama is number one, what else is new? The Tide come into their game in Atlanta a heavy favorite to blow out the Hokies. Heck, even longtime Hokies coach Frank Beamer has said this is the best Alabama team he has ever faced (cue the no one believes we can win inside the Tech locker room prior to the game talk). The Tide have to replace three parts to an all time great offensive line, but returns the best skill position talent in the history of the program.

What will happen: Three months ago, I would have said that this game would be close, and that Alabama would win a close one. But Tech has lost some key parts on defense including top corner back Antone Exumm, and a few other players on what would have been a salty and stingy D. So now that  means the Tide don’t win close, but big, as September 14th becomes more of a a reality.

Alabama 49  Virgina Tech 13

Washington State VS Auburn

The Skinny: It’s the Gus Malzahn era at Auburn, he brings his offense back to the Plains that was responsible for that 2010 BCS National Title.  Like Auburn, Washington State was terrible a year ago in Mike Leach’s first year. Two offenses that like to go fast, what defense will get the job done is the key.

What will happen: Mike Leach’s group will get hit early by Tigers newcomer Nick Marshall at QB who’s as athletic as they come under center (Marshall a former DB at Georgia… Bulldogs starter Aaron Murray said he’s the best athlete he’s ever seen), will make some highlight plays early on to excite the night crowd at Jordan-Hare Stadium. The Cougars will show signs of improvement from a year ago, but the 4-2-5 of Ellis Johnson will get some pressure on the Cougars to force some turnovers.

Washington State 13  Auburn 31

5 Georgia Vs 8 Clemson

The Skinny: The game of the weekend. the Bulldogs head to Death Valley to face a Clemson team that’s thinking National Title.  Clemson is everyone’s “hot” team heading into the season, while Mark Richt’s group has questions on Defense, but his best offense ever in Athens.

What will happen: I’ve went back and forth.. and back again on this game. In the end, I have to stick to my first thoughts. Aaron Murray will shine on Saturday night with a really, really good offense, Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall will have success running the football. The problem is that it’s hard for me to think that a young and very talented Bulldogs D can withstand blow after blow by Clemson and their offense. Tajh Boyd, Sammy Watkins and that hurry up implemented by offensive Coordinator Chad Morris is a lot to handle already. Add in National TV, at night, at Death Valley, and it becomes that much tougher. One things for certain. Clemson needs this game more than Georgia does. Clemson loses this game, It could spell disaster for the rest of the season. Georgia wins this game, they’re playing with house money with South Carolina coming between the hedges next week.

Georgia 17 Clemson 24

Quick Picks for Week 1:

USC over Hawaii

LSU over TCU

Utah St over Utah

Fresno St over Rutgers

Western KY over Kentucky

Oklahoma St over Mississippi St

Washington over Boise St

The other two Louisiana schools

Would it be a shock if three Louisiana programs go 3-0 after week 1? I picked LSU to beat TCU… But what about UL- Monroe over Oklahoma, and UL-Lafayette over Arkansas? I’m not sayin, but just sayin…. keep an eye out for those two games.

Quick Hitters:

–Did anyone really think Johnny Manziel would get “hammered” by the NCAA? I was shocked he got even a half game suspension.

–You want to see a really good QB and RB? tune in to Utah State against Utah and check out Chuckie Keeton and Joe Hill. the Aggies have a ton of starters returning from an 11-2 team a year ago. Auburn fans remember Keeton and Hill who almost pulled off the upset in 2011.

–Another QB you haven’t heard of? Fresno State’s Derrick Carr. He threw 37 TD passes a year ago, and is poised for an even bigger year through the air (4,104 yards in ’12) this season. Fresno State could be this year’s “BCS buster”.

–Im ready to see this guy. I miss you, good sir.



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