A Thought or Two on Friday


— The above picture from those UL Monroe Warhawks fans probably got a few laughs at pregame in Fayetteville last Saturday… Pretty awesome sign 3 1/2 hours later…

— Yes Then 8th ranked Arkansas loss to UL Monroe, and Hogs starting QB Tyler Wilson didn’t play during the second half. STILL, YOU DONT LOSE THAT GAME.

— More than anything (for those that got to see the game), why didn’t interim coach John L. Smith call a timeout in the third quarter, and say, “We will run the ball for the rest of the quarter just because the O-line can’t protect the turf behind them.” I bet Bobby Petrino would have, and Arkansas would have won the game.

–Still, I think that Arkansas will throw the kitchen sink at #1 Alabama on Saturday. Sorry, still won’t be enough.


— Didn’t you just know that Georgia would weather the Mizzou spread and come away with a win?

— Bet you didn’t know how good Jarvis Jones is. two words: BEAST MODE.

— Even with the loss (and the old man football chants from Georgia fans after the game), Mizzou uniform’s were sick. Loved them.

— Also much respect to Sheldon Richardson, the Tigers Defensive Tackle made some game week comments about Georgia , and after his team lost, he personally went to Bulldogs Head Coach Mark Richt ( see picture above) and apologized.. mad respect for that, oh and he will be an all SEC player before he leaves Mizzou.


— Yep, Auburn’s 0-2. They play the team that just beat Arkansas on Saturday. I’ve heard some on talk radio and out and about North Alabama that this game will be close, and/or Auburn can lose. Sorry, but the Warhawks will have to show me twice. The Tigers will win easily and move to 1-2… as for their game with LSU in two weeks… well…

–Thanks for a great first week Taylor Martinez. UCLA ended all of that talk last week after their win over the Cornhuskers.

–Brian Kelly’s Notre Dame team is 2-0 for the first time in his coaching tenure. I think he will be 2-1 after this week. I like Michigan State, BUT if the Irish can get an early lead (17-3, or something), they will be 3-0.

–And Everett Golson will be a star for the Irish at QB

–And Le’Veon Bell is a BEAST for the Spartans. NFL ready RIGHT NOW.

–Tennessee will be 3-0. I LOVE Florida (even with youngster Jeff Driskel at QB), but the Vols will be 4-0 heading to Georgia at the end of the month

–But you have to LOVE the guts that the Gators showed last week on the road at Texas A&M. Will Muschamp is slowly putting his attitude and imprint on the program.

–BUT if Florida wins, they too will be undefeated heading into their game with Georgia October 6th.

–Will Kentucky fans ask for Joker Phillips to resign if the Cats lose to Western Kentucky Saturday?

–Will Kentucky fans even care since Midnight Madness is just a month away?

–Still one of the best places to watch a game in the league. Seriously. Commonwealth is a nice Stadium, to watch a ball game.

–Jarvis Jones is a BEAST. yep he was that good against Mizzou last week.

–If USC stays healthy and has ZERO injuries, they will not lose a game. And yes I know that they could play Oregon possibly twice, but I’ll take Matt Barkley over any QB in the country

–Speaking of QB’s, Zach Mettenberger throwing TD’s like this right now, what will this offense look like in a month? Add that Defense and the way it punched Washington in the mouth= SCARY.

–I like Hugh Freeze a ton, but I think they lose to Texas at home. If the Rebels win, he may get a statue, by MONDAY.

–Florida St and Oklahoma are tied for 5th in this weeks AP poll. I’m buying FSU, The Sooners, need more time to see. the Noles I think are legit, and are one of just a handful of teams that can win a National Title.

— How great would it be to cover a National Title game in Miami? I can dig 70’s in January, just sayin (no pressure Nick Saban).

–Kansas St just scored again against Miami.

— If you haven’t watched this.. you will laugh aloud. Enjoy below:


–I also love the NFL, and I’m a die hard 49ers fan… my guys may not lose but one game this year.


It’s always great to see people actually read this blog, and to you I appreciate it.

Claudia Frederick sent me this link to the The 10 Best College Homecoming Rituals..

Pretty cool stuff, some I knew, and others I had to refresh my memory:



The Housewives were crazy Monday night. The New York crew wrapping up their CRAY-cation in St Bart’s, and I can still hear Aviva talking about her plane trip. A good episode nonetheless, Sonja cracks me up with the one liners. And it’s safe to say that Ramona and Sonja had their share of adult drinks on that Final Night, before all the ladies took a final dip in the pool. It’s been a really good season though.

–I’m also excited about The Real Housewives of Miami, I saw a lady punch someone on the season preview commercial. Crazy to a level 10 it seems like for the new season.

–Speaking of Real Housewives, A family friend is up for Bravo’s Raise The Bar Contest:


Her name is Whitney M, watch her video and tweet #MazelToWhitneyM to cast your vote!

–I’m also excited for the new season of Boardwalk Empire, I need some Nucky Thompson in my life.

Enjoy the games, see ya next week!


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