So Alabama now 9-1 after their loss to Texas A&M and Johnny Football… or Scooby Doo, whichever you prefer (the latter name look it up). A couple of things that caught my eye in this one…


No matter how you look at it, the Tide didn’t, and couldn’t understand what the Aggies offense would look like until they were actually in the game. Folks, it’s hard to simulate a wide open attack and an offense that can run 90 plus plays in a game. Then you add good talent across the board, a coaching staff (Kevin Sumlin, Kliff Kingsbury) that know what they want to do like the back of their hand, and then you add Johnny Manziel, it can get away early on, and it did.

Manziel is a BEAST

We can all get Johnny Manziel overload, but let’s be honest, he’s a one man wrecking crew, that was on center stage in Tuscaloosa last Saturday. He’s elusive, defenders can’t get a solid hit on him, he can throw on the run, and when needed he can make plays with his arm in the pocket (i.e, the wheel route to Ryan Swope on the sideline, followed by the pretty over the shoulder throw for the score a play later). He’s a playmaker, and anyone that says that Alabama slowed this guy is crazy. He went off in the 1st quarter, and came up HUGE in the 4th. ELITE effort by Manziel, period. With all of that said…


You can go a number of directions as to why Alabama lost this game. turnovers, not running the football on 1st and goal from the 6, etc, etc.  With all of those factors, the Tide had a chance to take the lead with under 3 minutes to play. This team once again, showed their mettle in rallying when many thought they would lose going away. Yes, they didn’t play a complete game, but they found a way to have a chance to take a lead late in the game.


Alabama indeed loss a number of first round draft picks from last season, and many thought that this defense would be better, and for the first half of the year statistically it was, ranking first in all major categories. But the difference between last year’s title team and this season?  This group doesn’t have many game changers starting. That is not to say that this defense isn’t elite, but this group is more of a T-E-A-M. They all play together to equal the success they’ve had this year. Last season you had guys that could make game changing stops and plays across the board (Courtney Upshaw, Mark Barron, Dre Kirkpatrick, Dequan Menzie, Donta Hightower to name a few). These guys made up for a number of plays that could be 50-50. Surprisingly, this defense will be even better next season, with some younger guys on the roster playing more minutes, that have more NFL talent than some players from this seasons defensive roster.ONCE AGAIN, that’s not to say The Tide don’t have really, really good players on the 1st team, but you can’t get be better when you look at what the program has starting a season ago. And finally..


It would be one thing if this program lost to Western Kentucky, or Ole Miss. They beat LSU, and loss to Texas A&M.. two of the nations elite. Alabama had to be on the field with a guy that had the proverbial  “light” go off in Zach Mettenberger, and held him off with a great game winning drive.. and then you play a team at home that loss to LSU and Florida by a combined… 8 POINTS. There are just some good teams that are playing their best football at the right time, thus, Alabama’s 1-1 over the last two weeks.


The Tide fall to #4 in this weeks BCS. Kansas St, Oregon, and Notre Dame are 1,2,3 respectively. Who will lose? If I were a betting man, I’d say Notre Dame would be the first casuality against USC at the Coliseum. Oregon has a tricky game at Autzen against Stanford, and their Civil War game with Mike Riley and Oregon St. Alabama will win their last two games of the year to face Georgia inside the dome for the SEC Championship, a game that looks really good considering what’s transpired over the last two weeks. But stranger things have happened.. the Tide, Georgia Bullodgs or even Florida could find their way to Miami for a berth in the National title game… and dare I say… two SEC teams could play for it all if your top three lose. That would make the “SEC haters” P-o’ed….


—Yep, Louisville loss, but Teddy Bridgewater continues to impress. over 400 yards, 3 TD’s to 1 INT? Not his fault Charlie Strong’s D couldn’t tackle anyone…

—Colin Klein, Johnny Manziel,Kenjon Barner, Marquise Lee, Manti Te’o my Heisman finalist this week.

–Speaking of Oregon, the defense may be a glaring question, but when you can score like these Ducks can, I can kinda bypass that weakness.

—The Stanford Cardinal see that weakness, all of Oregon’s D-line starters are inured or hobbled, Stephon Taylor could have a big day.

— Stanford could be back to a BCS level with all the young talent they have next season… kudos to David Shaw and his staff on this season and their recruiting efforts.

—A huge shout out to Vanderbilt, they rally to beat Hugh Freeze and Ole Miss 27-26 to become bowl eligible  in back to back seasons for the first time in school history..

—If you don’t think James Franklin, Kevin Sumlin, and Hugh Freeze wont win sooner rather than later at a high level in the SEC, you’re crazy.

—What’s even crazier? How tough it is to win a game in the SEC moving forward. So many good coaches, and staffs, each week is a battle, and will be even more for seasons to come.

—Florida St is a 4th down touchdown score given up to NC State, of being in the drivers seat for a BCS National Title berth.

—The reason they are 10th in the BCS with a 9-1 record? four words. Murray State, Savannah State.

—Rest assured college football fans, when the playoff gets here, you will consistently see big time matchups across the country in the first couple of weeks rather than the traditional FCS games… those will be more of later in the year when a program has a date they are trying to fill.

—Disney should make a movie about Bill Snyder. what he’s done in Manhattan is truly amazing. If you don’t know, look up K-State’s football history prior to Bill Synder, when he left, and now in his second run in the little apple… just amazing.

—I thought that Brain Kelly would have Notre Dame in a BCS game or playing for the BCS National game in year four, looks like they are a year ahead of schedule.


She can ball. Ball out Sam, Ball out.

Enjoy the weekend!


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