The NFL Draft. My Favorite Time Of Year



Ever since I was in Junior High I have watched the NFL Draft like the event it has become over the years. I even have old NFL Draft’s on VHS tape to this day. In college my then girlfriend, now future wife knew that for at least the first two rounds of the draft, I was locked in. Heck, since 2009, I have listed my top 10 players regardless of position, and projected them with a few bullet points. It’s just fun… And I love to just follow where guys get picked and how they shape up when they head to the NFL.

Best Players available In ONLY MY OPINION.

A few quick hitters before I roll out my top 10 players in this years draft in my opinion…

—This is a heavy O-lineman class, along with some game changers along the D Line.

— Some really solid corners that can help teams immediately.

—The QB class is not as great as the last two seasons… BUT if given time and put in right franchises, some of the signal callers could be very good.

—This is by FAR the most up in the air draft I have seen in my lifetime.

So here ya go, my top players (This is after seeing them either play, highlights, or highlights I have watched on you tube, etc…)

1. Eric Fisher, OT (Central Michigan)- Very athletic guy, I had the chance to see him play against my alma mater Western Kentucky in a bowl game lat season. VERY, VERY athletic, best feet of any lineman in the draft, more upside than any other lineman in the draft, BUT may not be the most polished right now… that may belong to…

2. Luke Joeckel, OT (Texas A&M)- When he grabs his defender, he’s grabbed them, VERY strong, sturdy base, not overly athletic, but just a polished lineman that can come in and start from day one.. May have problems with speedy edge rushers, but theat edge guy better be quick to get around him.

3. Sharrif Floyd, DT (Florida)- I hope he gets the chance to play more in a 4-3 defender than the 3-4 he played in at Florida. A little undersized to play right on the nose in that 3-4, but was by far the best DT in the SEC last season in my opinion. Does a great job of somehow getting off blocks as a Defensive tackle, and making plays in the backfield. He does sometime over pursue a play once he gets in the backfield, but I think he could be an anchor for a team for years to come.

4. Chance Warmack, OG (Alabama)- To me, he’s one of the best two guards that I’ve seen come out in the Draft in the last 10 years (the other, Mike Iupati). Physically gifted, and just a guy that can shore up the interior.  One of the best prospects in the run game, and very adequate in pass protection as well.

5. Lane Johnson, OT (Oklahoma)- Outside of Eric Fisher, Johnson is the most athletic lineman in the class. Tackles in the NFL are made to keep the QB clean, and he does a great job of protecting Landry Jones last season. Long arms, nice frame, that could add more weight (he was a former QB), you have the making of a good one.

6. Ezekiel Ansah, DE, (BYU)- a pure freak, and an Offensive Tackle’s nightmare. The first time I ever heard of this guy was when he played Notre Dame last season. just relentless. He’s raw, and still has a ton of work to do, but the measurable are off the charts. He has devastating closing speed, and forceful on impact. Still needs to add bulk, and weight, but even when he gets knocked down on a play, he’s quickly back up pursuing. The quintessential boom or bust player.

7. Sheldon Richardson, DT (Missouri)- Mizzou was banged up and got a HUGE reality check on how far way the program is to compete in the SEC, BUT, the one player that any coach in the SEC would want and would start is Sheldon Richardson. He’s very confident, and backs it up on the football field, extremely athletic for a man his size. Could have a dominant career in the league no doubt.

8. Star Lotulelei, DT (Utah)- He had to deal with a heart issue that was discovered during the NFL combine. Had it not been for that, he probably would be higher on most teams draft board (but for all I or you know, he could go #1 overall). Star is another dominant Defensive tackle, a rarity for NFL teams to find, hence the reason for so many D lineman that will be picked in the first round.

9. Tavon Austin, WR (West Virginia)- Pure beast. He’s 5’8, and I would put him as my 1 or 2 receiver in a heartbeat. explosive, good route runner, and can not only get deep, but is just as effective in intermediate routes, which turn into monster gains. Reminds me of a young Steve Smith out in Carolina… not as muscular, but just as tough, and can separate from corners despite his height and weight stature.

10. Dion Jordan, OLB (Oregon)- He beat out a few other prospects for this spot. HE MUST be able to play on the edge as a standup edge rusher. If he doesn’t get to a team that fits his play style, He’s in trouble. Very fast long, and lean guy that can cover a ton of space quickly with his speed and athleticism off that edge. Any team in a 3-4 would suit Jordan, will be ver interested to see where he falls


To Geno, Or Not to Geno… or pick another QB….

QB’s I like.. that could be susccesful… In no order…

Geno Smith

Matt Barkley

Landry Jones

Ryan Nassib

EJ Manuel

**I’ll talk more about these signal callers once the draft is complete in next weeks blog**

Superstar or Bust…. players that could be stars, or fizzle….

Cordarrelle Patterson

Justin Hunter

Kenny Vaccaro

Dee Milliner

Barkevious Mingo

Alec Ogletree

Bjorn Warner

Really Good Value… players I think COULD be solid and/or All Pro

Matt Elam

Blidi-Wreh Wilson

Manti Te’o

Desmond Trufant

Tyler Eifert

DJ Fluker

Sylvester Williams

Eric Reid

Tyrann Mathieu

Giovanni Benard

James Franklin

***There are so many other guys that could make these list, no question… just some that I’ve thought about over the last few weeks***

Should be fun… We’ll talk draft, NBA Playoffs and reality TV next week! In the meantime, Stay Classy.


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