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I LOVE the NBA. I watch NBA League Pass on the computer (the Chicago Bulls are my favorite team… get well D Rose), and try to watch as many NBA regular season games that I can (that includes you, Charlotte Bobcats, err, Hornets). The NBA playoffs are always must watch TV for me as well. I try to watch as many of the respective series that I can. This has been one of the best playoffs in some time. When you consider the lack of mainstay stars that were not in the playoffs, (Kobe, D Rose), and teams that got knocked out (OKC Thunder), and teams that came from no where (Golden State), there’s been a story line in every round and in every series.

Let’s give credit where credit is due. Lebron James is the best basketball player in the world. Kobe Bryant in my opinion has a legitimate claim at that even at his advanced age, but his age of course is the reason for not surpassing LBJ or Kevin Durant in that conversation. I still want Kobe Bryant if I had to start a team, but of course wouldn’t be unhappy if I had Lebron, Durant, and a few other great players in the league.

The picture above is a still of Lebron getting to the  basket with 2.2 seconds left to win game 1 against the Pacers in the Western Conference Finals. Things that I took from the game:

1. Indiana is not afraid, and they’re the real deal.

2. Paul George is slowly becoming a superstar in the league.

3. Paul George is a very composed rising star (hence the three free throws late in OT to put his team up 1).

4. Paul George made a young star mistake, over pursuing Lebron and paying for it with the driving layup to give the Heat the win.

Over the last few days I’ve heard on Twitter, and Facebook  nation why Roy Hibbert wasn’t on the floor for the Pacers. I had no problem with Fran Vogel’s lineup, sometimes folks,  you just have to shake your opponents hand on a great play design (Erik Spolstrea) and a great drive (Lebron), simple as that. It will interesting to see Game two, because in order for the Heat to win this series… Lebron will have to be superman and have 30, 10, and 10 each night to head back to the NBA Finals… because Indiana is a problem, and they aren’t going anywhere.



Did your team pick what you wanted? To me not a lot of surprises at the top with O-lineman dominating the top part of the draft. EJ Manuel was a little bit of a surprise considering everyone thought Geno Smith would be the first QB taken off the board…. instead, it was Florida State’s Manuel who’s headed to Buffalo. I honestly think he will be a good fit and a really good QB for the Bills.

I think this draft will be remembered for players selected outside of the first round. Tyrann Mathieu, Eddie Lacy, Manti Te’o, Robert Woods, L’veon Bell among others will be guys that I think will stick and have productive careers in the league. Time will tell though… everyone looks good with college film and in shorts and helmets at NFL OTA’s, and training camps. We shall see in Week 1 of the season and beyond where they rate in their rookie seasons.


More Idiotic Comments from El Nino….

I have no clue what Sergio Garcia was thinking when making the latest remarks on Tiger Woods. According to the  UK Guardian, Garcia said days ago, “We will have him round every night. We will serve fried chicken.”

This was during the European Tour Awards Dinner Tuesday. He was asked if he would have Woods for dinner prior to the US Open. I, like many other sports observers, see Garcia as a guy that is relevant BECAUSE of Tiger Woods. Golf experts pegged him as “El Nino”, he was the next Tiger Woods. Hardly. Garcia is obviously known for his remarks on Woods through the years rather than winning PGA Tournaments.

This latest remark is something that should make everyone pause for concern for numerous reasons. First off, I have no clue if Sergio Garcia is a racist. I’ve never met, or spoken to him in my 30 years on Earth. I don’t know what’s in Garcia heart. What I do know is that Garcia knew that there was some racial overtones in what he was saying, racial connotations that he knew would hit below the belt, which leaves anyone to believe that he very well may be. I don’t know that about Garcia, that’s for you to think, not me. For those that know, or may not know, Blacks and the fried chicken are synonymous with Slavery. Blacks were allowed to raise chickens  and they were a source of food to eat, because the animal was cheep to feed and raise during those times. That’s the reason that black Americans ears “perk up” when hearing of remarks that pertain to that. Anyone with a pulse understands how despicable slavery was and how references  to that strike a cord in the black community.

So naturally, a day later, Garcia apologized. That’s natural after making a mistake. News Flash. Black people, White people, Asians, Hispanics, ALL people make mistakes. The problem for me. I don’t Believe Garcia’s apology for one second.  This wasn’t done because he felt he said something wrong  but rather because he has a number of endorser dollars (Taylor Made, Adidas  over 16 million in endorsements) that are up for grabs. The fact that Garcia knew that he could say what he said, tells me that he knew that was a way to take a serious jab at Woods, who’s black. Do I want him suspended from the Tour, and lose his endorsement deals. Absolutely not. I don’t ever want someone to lose that, especially with Garcia not making any racist remarks that I know of. Now of course if this type of behavior continued, repercussions would have to be taken.

I think it begs the question, If Sergio said this in 2013, and Fuzzy Zoeller made his disgusting remarks in 1997 (During the Masters), what’s really being said behind closed clubhouse doors on the PGA tour? How many have an issue with Tiger Woods because of his skin color, or his fame/wealth? Garcia and Zoeller made their feelings in a “jokingly manner” public. Who else in the clubhouse echo their sentiments? Remarks like these leave many, black, white, or any other race, believe the stereotype of the PGA tour and it’s “exclusivity” to mostly the elite and Caucasian only players.



–Tyrann Mathieu has had his share of issues in his career.  I’m happy for him that he signed a contract with the Arizona Cardinals Thursday for four years. This is a talented football player, that I hope has matured and is ready to continue his journey as a productive citizen of society, and learning how to become a professional with the Cardinals.

–Evan Gattis is making Brian McCann expendable. I’ve heard rumblings that McCann and Braves GM Frank Wren don’t see eye to eye, and with Gattis continuing to play well at 26 years of age, that may be a discussion that may heat up as we near the trading deadline, and/or into the off season.

–Regardless of what happens with those two… Craig Kimbrel will get paid BIG TIME, with or without Atlanta.

–College Football. I cant wait. So many story lines. Next week, I’ll discuss.

–College football coaches. LET KIDS TRANSFER TO ANY SCHOOL THEY WANT. I get if you don’t want the kid to sign to a team in conference, but to put a ban or other schools in the country is absurd. Oklahoma St’s Mike Gundy hindering QB Wes Lunt transfer options is just ludicrous  to me. Why should Gundy care where a guy goes? He’s not in your program. Leach has put notice out to potential recruits and QB’s… “Come to Stillwater! If you want to leave, you have just a few options!”  You can hear the negative recruiting against the Cowboys as we speak.

–Man catches bird. A friend of former Texas QB Colt McCoy. Enjoy:

–How fun was the guy below to watch during the NBA Playoffs?

–Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III had his wedding registry posted in a Washington newspaper. His fans sent a TON of Bed Bath and Beyond Stuff


I’m not mad at ya RG III, I’m not mad at ya my man.


Finally heading into this Memorial Day weekend, I want to say how blessed and grateful I am to all the men and women that serve in our armed forces, along with our first responders across the country. These people make our world safe each and everyday, and what they do for our country can never be truly expressed on a day to day basis. I can say that I’m truly proud to live in the greatest country in the world.

Have a safe and Happy Memorial Day weekend!


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