The NBA Finals Wrap Up, and other Musings


They Do It again

They were favorites to start the NBA season. They won 27 games straight during the regular season. They made it to their third straight Finals, and played seven games with the other best team in the league. No matter if you love em’ or hate em’ the Miami Heat are the best basketball team in the world on this day. A great series between the Heat and Spurs, going seven GREAT games and finding a way to win. A few thoughts from the Finals:


1. Lebron James is The Best Basketball Player In the World

Lebron James NBA Finals Game Seven stat line: 37 points, 12 Rebounds, 4 Assists, 2 Steals. 5 Three pointers, and the dagger jumper late to seal the win. He’s 28 years old and is now just the third player in NBA history to win two straight Finals MVP’s and back to back titles. The other two? Bill Russell, and some guy name Michael Jordan.

Is Lebron James MJ? Nope. Is he Kobe Bryant? Nope. He is Lebron James, no one has ever seen anyone like him. 6’8 260 pounds. Just a physical freak. He may not have the mentality of MJ and Kobe, but it’s OK that he’s a different type of player, mentality and obviously physically. Let’s just all sit back and watch the continued maturation of this young man. And lets not forget, Lebron James Has NEVER been in the headlines for all the WRONG reasons, that should also stand for something as well.


2. D Wade is still Dwade

Game Seven stat line: 23 points, 10 Rebounds. Let’s not forget that this guy is the cornerstone of not just this years Heat team, but for the Heat franchise as a whole. Outside of Alonzo Mourning, this guy is everything Miami Heat. Two bad knees, and the way he fought through those injuries during the playoffs, says a lot about the mental makeup and desire of Wade. And now he moves into elite territory with three NBA World Championships in his career.


3. The Spurs so close, yet so far away

The San Antonio Spurs are class personified. They were 28 seconds away from winning a fifth world championship in Game Six. They didn’t get it done, and after such a emotional contest, the Spurs looked gassed in Game Seven. And with that said, Tim Duncan was one missed basket, then tip back away from tying the game late in the fourth. This may be the last time we see the Spurs “Big 3”, and I’m fortunate that I got to see such a great run by Tony Parker, Manu Ginobli, and Tim Duncan who’s one of the ten greatest basketball players that ever lived.


Other Quick Thoughts About the NBA next season

— Even with the Heat playing in their third straight Finals and winning two straight, if this team stays as it is next season, they will not win a title. Why?

–The Chicago Bulls are COMING. Remember, this team played without four starters during the playoffs and made it to Eastern Conference Semifinals. bring them back and NOW you add Derrick Rose back to the Fold? SCARY stuff. They may make a move here or there as well (like maybe trading Carlos Boozer? paging Al Jefferson?), but I really think they could very easily have the best record in the League, and home court advantage throughout the playoffs next year.

— I CANNOT wait to see the New Orleans Pelicans uniforms live next season. Pelicans folks, Pelicans, remember that.

–Outside of the Bulls, The return of one Kobe “Bean” Bryant will have my attentions well. If anyone can return from a torn achilles, it’s the Mamba. Now if the Lakers can make some moves to help him make another title run….


We’re just 68 Days Away from the start of the college football season. Get excited. As for Johnny Manziel. I could care less on what he has tweeted out. A Year ago at this time NO ONE knew who he was, and after  a 11 win season, and a Heisman Trophy later, he’s the biggest name in college football. He’s having fun.  Just like I would if I had an off season as a college student. PEOPLE. GET OVER TWEETS. Who cares what he says, let him enjoy himself and all that being a Heisman Trophy winner brings. Why some college football fans are so bent out of shape because Manziel can go to baseball, and basketball games and sit on the front row, and make country music videos baffles me. He’s HAVING FUN.

Quick Hitters on the World Known as Pop Culture.

— I would have never said this a year ago… But…


I like what Miley Cyrus is doing. Look at it this way.. she could be like a few other girls in the mainstream media that are two seconds away from going off the deep end in real life. Cyrus just making crazy videos and having fun. Not mad at all.


Miss Utah looked great during last weeks Miss USA Pageant. AS for that onstage question… a lot left to be desired. She looked great though! That counts for something right!?!?

My Favorite Commercial Right Now

Gotta love the kids right? And for those in this country that are angry over that commercial because of the family in it… God bless you.

Enjoy The Summer! I’ll return in a couple of weeks!


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