Manziel is Must See TV, and quick hitters


Just another day at the office for Manziel and Alabama

What a game. Back and forth. Offense galore. Texas A&M showed that even Nick Saban with 9 months to prepare still cant stop Manziel. And just like many thought after Texas A&M gave up over 500 yards rushing to Rice and Sam Houston State, the Aggies D wouldn’t hold up. Alabama did what they wanted offensively against the Aggies, and AJ McCarron had himself a day (4TD’s, 0 INT) in the 49-42 win.

As for the Aggies and Manziel. EVERYONE that said that Manziel couldn’t live up to the hype amidst distractions should  be eating bowls full of crow. He’s simply unstoppable, he can only stop himself (as the two interceptions last week proved). over 500 yards of offense. Accounted for 5 TD’s.  Texas A&M is the team NO ONE wants to face, especially Alabama again. BUT, how good would a rematch in the National Title game in Pasadena be between these two. that would be must see TV.

QUICK Hitters for this weekend and other stuff

–Not alot of marquee matchups across college football, only one ranked matchups this week.

— A game of interest in the SEC… Auburn at LSU… I think Auburn will play well, early. just too much LSU, I think they bludgeon Auburn to death down the stretch with the running game, along with Zach Mettenberger continuing to improve play by play, quarter by quarter under Cam CAmeron… LSU 35… Auburn 14.

—Clemson caught a serious break last night.. go look it up to see what I’m talking about.

— Nick Saban to Texas? Would doubt it, but whether he admits it or not, he, or his agent have heard talks from folks on the 40 acres.

— How great is Floyd Mayweather? Wow.

—The Cleveland Browns.. are well the Cleveland Browns. Thanks for playing in the game show the 2013 NFL Season. Who’s first in the 2014 draft? Jags or Browns? ugghh.

Enjoy the weekend!


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