Friday Thoughts…

Happy Friday folks! First things first

It never gets old. NEVER. Cut a rug Gus.


Now a few quick hitters this week:

— For those that are upset that Oregon is number four in this weeks CFB Playoff rankings. Chill. A TON of football to be played with a slew of big games this week.

—For those that are upset in week two of this five week process, CHILL. It will play itself out. You can argue the first Sunday in December when the final four teams are official.

— Alabama has played extremely well over the last two weeks. Just interested to see how they fare on the road at LSU. The Bayou Bengals arguably playing as well as anyone in the SEC not named Mississippi State or Auburn.

—Will this be the week Michigan State makes a statement and/or impresses the CFB committee? J.T. Barrett may be the player making the statement for his team Saturday.

—Florida. You cant blowout Georgia one week and turnaround and lay an egg at Vanderbilt. Vandy coach Derek Mason gets a mulligan this season as he completely overhauls personnel to fit his power run game. If you think the Gator nation wants Muschamp to be gone now, lose Saturday and see how bonkers this gets.


Malzahn break



—You want everyone to forget about that 62 spot laid on you this season Arizona State? Show up and play well Saturday.

—If Notre Dame wins handily, We shouldn’t have to hear the “Notre Dame hasn’t played anyone” crap. Before the season started, this was a “brutal” schedule. Now because some teams have fallen off the map, It’s now a bad slate. Go figure.

—What. The. Hell. Happened. To. Iowa.This.Season.With.Such.A.Favorable.Schedule.


—Best WR’s I’ve seen in my humble opinion (In order): Amari Cooper, Jalen Strong, D’haquille Williams, Kevin White

—The Shmoney dance is taking over. Football. Sports. Everything.


Malzahn Break



—Why Marcus Peters. Why?

—Joey Bosa. Man child.


Enough of the nonsense. A huge college football weekend, Sunday even bigger for yours truly. Why?



A complete summary from the new episode next Week. Two words. Don’t judge. Beverly Hills starts in two weeks I believe also. Once again. Don’t Judge.

That’s it this week… Any question to ask send them my way… cprather@waff,com





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