Cry Me A River Playoff Ranking Haters…

The song theme of this week’s blog


We’ve had three weeks of the College Football Playoff Poll. Three. Fans of teams outside of the top four currently upset. Why? For reasons unknown. Go and look at the 10 teams and their Ranking:

1. Mississippi State

2. Oregon

3. Florida State

4. TCU

5. Alabama

6. Arizona State

7. Baylor

8. Ohio State

9. Auburn

10. Ole Miss

If you are in the top 6, you basically control your own destiny. Alabama and Arizona State fans (mainly Alabama fans), Why? WHY? Why does the third installment of five weeks of rankings mater when your program controls it’s own fate? Because TCU is 4? They deserve to be. They are 3-1 against teams that are currently or were ranked when they played them.

Wins: Minnesota, West Virginia, Kansas State,

Loses: Baylor

Stop it. Please. Stop it. Once again

Both TCU and Alabama are desreving to be in the Top four right now. But the beauty of it all? They *gasp* get to play their way win. You beat Mississippi State Saturday, You may jump to number one. You lose. All the whining and cryin was for nothing. You will play in some other holiday bowl. End of story.

Thursday night WAFF’s own Mark Thornhill and I had a “spirited” debate… (More like hollering at the top of our lungs) about the playoff format. Mark believes that every division one conference champion (meaning regular season) should get an automatic bid to the college football playoff, with some at at large bids. Would 16 teams be the cut off? Would that be the right amount of teams?

My take to Mark, (and the rest of the newsroom that looked at us like we were in a presidential debate) was that I just don’t want a 8-4, or 7-5 team make the playoffs because they won 5 games in their conference. Should we get rid of conferences all together? The NFL has teams with losing records make the playoffs because they won their division. The Arizona Cardinals didn’t make the playoffs last year at 10-6!

I want the best teams with the best body of work (regular season games) to make the playoff. You want to move the playoff to 8? 12? 16? Go ahead. Is a system flawed because it’s different than other playoff formats out there? Mark, and college football fans are not wrong with their stance, we all have valid points, that are more right than wrong.

But isn’t that what makes the college game awesome? Debate, where games each week matter. Every week is a must win. If you have 16 get in, 3-4 loses is quite alright, cause your in anyway. Safe to say I’ll revisit this, along with a video debate with Mark (good stuff, Shoulda been in the newsroom that THURSDAY night) with some sort of video later in the year.



Odds and Ends

— I’ve wathced SEC Football most of my entire life. I’ve never seen Mississippi State be in this position, EVER. A ton of respect for what Dan Mullen has accompished in Starkville, but quite frankly, they will have to win Saturday, to make one more statement to me. Winning on the road is tough in any league, but doing so at a place where it’s very diifclut against a team that’s played lights out all season, will get more praise than ever before. It’s up to you Mississippi State.

–No matter how inconsistent this Alabama team has been on the road, They’ve won em all but one, and that team is ranked 10th in the latest CFB Rankings. This is a loose, fun bunch to watch in Tuscaloosa, and I dont think they even realize how good and how special the season could be if they get a potential win Saturday.

–If Auburn beats Georgia, badly, are they back in the mix as the first two loss team potentially in the Playoff?

–To be the man (Florida State), you’ve got to beat the man (Miami). Until I see Miami with a higher point total than The Noles, I’m not picking against Jimbo, Jameis and company.

–Say what you want, but outside of maybe four teams, who wouldnt want the record of Ohio State over the last three seasons? Urban Meyer, is still Urban Meyer, and as long as he wants to stay in Columbus, the Buckeyes will be a threat possibnly this season, and for sure in ’15.

— Dear College Football. Better get them now, becasue next year may be scary. Signed, LSU

–Remember when Charlie Strong wasn’t the right fit at Texas. Yeah. Good times yall.


— Shout out to Jerry Kill and Minnesota.

–Notre Dame has loss two games. To the Number 3 and 6 teams respcively in the CFB Poll. And they are now a bad team. Sure.

–They lose to Northwestern Saturday, then, Irish haters, you “may” have a small point.

— Ameer Abdullah, Melvin Gordon, keep doing what you do.

— Welcome back Todd Gurley.

— Please go away Todd Gurley (Auburn fans)


RHOA quick hitters (Told ya I love reality TV, and yes… don’t hate. It’s my wife’s fault. I’m hooked).

–Pretty intense back and forth between Apollo and Phaedra. Kinda uncomfortable, and real all at the same time.

–Other than that, not a whole lot to discuss really… But from the season preview at the end of the first episode, this may be an all time great season.

–CANNOT wait till the Beverly Hills girls start!


Have a great weekend!




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