And Then There Were Four



Four’s the Loneliest Number

You. Yes, YOU.

You wanted this.


Oh… why let the computers decide who plays for the National Championship. Let’s have a playoff to determine who makes it?

We have a playoff now. Guess what. Folks still not satisfied. Why are any sane people surprised?

But get this:


How could Ohio State get in?

Why didn’t Baylor get into the Playoff?

Why is Florida State in the top four?


What argument does anyone have with the four teams that the College Football Bowl Committee put in? We all have opinions. How strong could the opinion be?

1. TCU loss to Baylor.

2. Baylor beat TCU

3. Baylor played NO ONE in their non conference slate.

4. And… Baylor finished ahead of TCU, just like everyone wanted since Baylor beat TCU head to head.


In the preseason, many football analyst said that Baylor’s non conference slate would ultimately be their demise. It was. Has anyone thought that even Baylor and TCU  NEVER thought they would be in position to make the Playoff? Schedules are made years in advance. I get it. I Guarantee that Baylor and TCU scheduled to:

A) Have a winning record

B) and Be Bowl eligible. That’s it.


Now Baylor and TCU fans want to get upset because their lack of a strength of schedule, coupled with a Big 12 Commissioner that wanted a “Co- Champion”, and a lack of a conference title game, that neither team made the playoff.

And guess what? Had Ohio State won 28-14, and not 59-0 over a top 15 team (Wisconsin) Baylor more than likely gets in.


Please Listen to the Committee

Things will change. We will eventually go to a 8 team format. But for the time being, University X, do a few things to put yourself in the conversation:

A) Go and schedule games that matter in late August/ Early September… See Oregon circa this season

B) Win Every game (whether it’s by 1, or 61… win em)

C) Quit scheduling to “just” be bowl eligible. If you are in a FBS conference, go out and play people year to year… don’t whine and moan because you decided to schedule Charlotte UMASS, and McNeese State, and wonder why you’re left out at 12-0.

D) Hope for the best


We all understand that it’s difficult to go undefeated. But a loss, or even two loses in some seasons can still get you in a playoff. Just wait when one season a team plays a brutal schedule (non conference/conference schedule) and loses two games by combined score of say 6 points. What will the discussion be then?


As we get to bowl season, I’ll throw out some bowl picks (and proceed to pick ZERO winners).




An Elite Trio

Marcus Mariota,  Amari Cooper, and Melvin Gordon are as good as they come during this 2014 college football season. Each player have a argument for being the nations best player.

With that said. Mariota will be and is the clear Heisman winner. 38 TD’s. 2 INT’s. 14 Rushing TD’s. He’s accounted for 53 TD’s. He’s second on his team in rushing. He has been lights out, and has one of the greatest seasons in the history of college football. Forget if you have something against the PAC-12 and/or teams not in the “Holy grail” (cough, SEC, cough), you cant knock what the junior from Hawaii has accomplished. He will win Saturday night. And deservedly so.


Quick Hitters

— Like the hire of Jim Mcelwain  at Florida. AD Jeremy Foley wanted to go with a more offensive-centric coach and got him in the Montana native. I remember Jim when he coached at Louisville (I’m a Kentucky native) as a Wide Receivers coach and was part of a group known as the AFROS (Americas Finest Receivers on Saturday).

—Dang Michigan. Unless it’s Les Miles, you better have a good explanation on who your next man in charge is.

—Every job should be open at Notre Dame. LSU will tell Brian Kelly everything he knows about his group for the 2015 season and beyond.

—Urban Meyer SHOULD be coach of the year

— Lane Kiffin had a great year calling plays at Alabama, but Tom Hermann is a great choice for winning the Frank Broyles award.

—Dalvin Cook. My goodness.

—So… when did Wisconsin become a stepping stone job? And Paul Cryst? If you say so….

—Reality TV time… Vanderpump Rules, the Real Housewives,  and some other shows on VH1 that are so crazy I dont want to say… #guiltypleasure

— Looking forward to The U pt 2 Saturday after the Heisman ceremony… hope is as good or better than the first by Billy Corbin

—If you get a chance… go find the E:60 profile on Cowboys Tight End Jason Witten, incredible.


Will be back next week. Enjoy you weekend peeps!









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