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Been a long time since yours truly has written anything on the Clipboard…. Alot has happened since that college football playoff. But at least we can all agree, the best team in College Football won the National Title. So there’s that. Spring Football has come and gone, we have National Champions in college hoops (best teams won there too I might add), and now we head into the Spring and Summer Months… with one heck of a weekend set, starting Thursday with the NFL Draft, the Kentucky Oaks and Derby (Friday and Saturday respectively), and of course… Mayweather. Pacquiao. So lets start with…

The Fight

I’ve said since this fight was being talked about five years ago, that Floyd Mayweather would win by unanimous decision, or late stoppage. Nothing has changed on my part. Look, I’m not the person that’s disrespecting what Manny Pacquiao  has accomplished in the sport. He’s a Hall of Famer one of the best to ever lace em up. He’s just fighting the best fighter of this era, who, to me, will be at the very best of his career. Floyd is the bigger man, with a  longer reach (that consistently uses his jab to keep his opponent away), and the more skilled fighter. The only shot I believe Manny has is

A) Apply immense pressure, and in turn, Floyd doesn’t have a strong punch output

B) He catches Floyd and knocks him out… BUT his power must be that Floyd acknowledges it. If Floyd gets touched (which I think he will early) and It has no effect, It could be a complete shutout.

Not saying any of these can’t happen, because anyone that watches the fight game will tell you all it takes is “one punch” and it changes everything.  I just think when it’s all said and done, It will be a dominant performance by Floyd, and don’t be surprised, if Floyd’s the aggressor and is in the center of the ring and walking Manny down.

1. The straight right hand from Floyd with Manny coming in, and the “check hook”

2. Some solid body work by Floyd which could end the night as well (Floyd has an underrated body game).

3. And the counter punching in his defensive shell, if he decides to work from the ropes (uppercuts being the main point of attack, mixed in with body work).

I may be wrong (which 99.9%  of the time I am), but Mayweather remains unblemished as he heads to one more fight before calling it quits.

Source: nfl.com

The Draft

There are gonna be bust, Pro Bowlers, 15 year vets, and maybe some Hall of Famers sprinkled in as well. It’s the inexact science known as the NFL Draft,

My two cents:

–Jameis Winston is the best QB in draft, BY FAR.

–Jameis Winston will give the Buccaneers at least 7 wins, this season

—Tampa Bay, don’t be dumb. Take Winston.

—I admire and enjoy Marcus Mariota from afar, but unless a franchise is willing to adapt to his skill set, he’s a bust. I hope he’s not, but…

—Leonard Williams may be unblockable at the next level, Vic Beasley, may be the same way as an edge rusher.

— This is the year of the pass rusher,and interior lineman. Lot of quality and depth from round 1 and beyond. (Trey Flowers one of those quality players).

—Amari Cooper, over Kevin White.

—Breshad Perriman, Devante Parker, Kevin White, and Nelson Agholor SHOULD have solid careers.

–Titans, work something out to get Phillip Rivers if possible, OR trade the 2nd pick away and grab more draft picks. You need not just something, YOU NEED EVERYTHING.

—Andreus Peat, and Cameron Erving could be Pro Bowlers in year one.

I could go on and on with so many guys from round one and beyond, but that’s what makes this thing fun. Guys landing with teams, and giving those fans and organizations hope heading into week one.


The Derby

I’m a Kentucky native. Everyone should go, just once. Fun times, you want crazy drunken people rolling around in the infield. Check. You want a who’s who of celebrities rubbing elbows with anyone and everyone around Churchill Downs? Check. Mint Juleps? Not my thing, but you should try one just to say you did. The first Saturday in May is a date that will always resonate with me whether I’m at home, or out of the state. Those that go….enjoy it!

Odds and Ends

—Game of Thrones. Legit. Just waiting for the early shocker/surprise this season.

—My wife had me watch about four episodes of the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt a month ago. Funny.

—There’s this I saw on Twitter today. Will try in the coming weeks:

—You never know how good Frosted Flakes are until you haven’t had them in two to three months.

—Garlic Knots. Papa Johns. Yes please.

—Johnny Depp in the upcoming movie, Black Mass looks really good, If you like mobster style films.

—You know you’re rocking out to Taylor Swift in your car. Don’t deny it. She’s like, everywhere.

Enjoy the weekend!


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