Week 1 is over. And as you SHOULD imagine, Overreaction is at a 100. Quick 4 downs on this Friday.

1st Down:

PUMP THE BRAKES.  From Jeremy Johnson and Auburn being the worse football team ever, To Ohio State being “overrated” (heard that from a caller on sports talk radio this week), To TCU not that impressive against Minnesota, you would think that week one was week 12 and we have our playoff teams set.


You know nothing more than what you knew before kickoff last Thursday night. We all have ideas, but we don’t have enough of a sample size to know who’s headed where. So if Jeremy Johnson throws for 45o yds, 5 TD’s and no Interceptions against Jacksonville St, he’s back on the Heisman train? If Tennessee beats Oklahoma Saturday, they’re a National Championship contender? Jake Coker the second coming in Tuscaloosa? WE. DON’T. KNOW.


No one even in the conversation for a Final Four berth has a loss, and even if they lose between now and week 5, said team is still in the conversation. All together now….


2nd Down

Because teams in the conversation had a close win in week one, that means that they aren’t good or their opponent isn’t good? TCU played a quality Minnesota team Thursday  night. Probably the best defense they will face all season. If Minnesota goes on to play for a Big 10 Championship, then the “well I didn’t know Minnesota was that good talk” will begin in late November/early December.

Auburn plays a quality Louisville team. Jeremy Johnson throws three bad interceptions. Even Gus Malzahn says Johnson was greedy trying to make some “splash” plays. So that means that Johnson is the worse QB in the country. Sure.

Ohio St trails 17-10 at the half. OMG! They should be unranked! They’re not as good as we think! Further analysis says the Buckeyes were a holding call away from leading 21-0 and completely blowing out the Hokies. In the first half. After the half, Ohio State flexed, Braxton Miller showcased another weapon for Urban Meyer, and, well you know the rest.

Teams that play other teams that have quality players will be better for it late in the season, than those that want to play teams they have no business playing. What good is it doing for Program X to play FCS Z and win 100-6? That’s unless you root for Wazzu. Then, you got me there.

3rd Down

True Freshman. Ballin. From christian Kirk at Texas A&M, to Mr. Rosen’s performance, to the lone bright spot for Texas in week 1 , true freshman are slowly becoming then norm, and making impacts for programs across the country. Cool to see, how coaching staff’s are getting these youngsters on campus in the spring, or during fall camp, evaluating how they can impact a game, and then watching the youngsters go to work. Look for more guys to show up on your radar in the coming weeks.

4th Down

Pick Time….

Michigan State over Oregon: East Lansing will be bonkers, Connor Cook will have a great senior remembrance game, and a running back will emerge for the Spartans en route to a win. NEITHER team is eliminated from the CFB Playoff with a loss.

Tennessee over Oklahoma:  I want badly to pick Oklahoma, and It wouldn’t surprise me if the Sooners win going away, BUT Butch Jones (one would think) is due. He’s had some heartbreaking loses in his tenure on Rocky Top. Alvin Kamara and Jalen Hurd won’t hurt matters  either for the Vols.

 LSU over Mississippi St: The Bayou Bengals could be the most talented team from top to bottom in the SEC not named Alabama, and I believe Brandon Harris will show that he has the right stuff to lead LSU to a win. Much like Tennessee, Leonard Fournette doesn’t hurt matters, along with a insanely talented front seven.  Not having Jalen Mills hurts but the Tigers have enough to win  behind what could be one of the best offensive lines at the end of the season in a entertaining game.

Enjoy week two. And Remember…



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