CP’s Top 6

We have 12 undefeated teams in the FBS Top 25. I’ve not watched a single minute of Toledo, or Iowa… so there’s that.

I decided to do a top 6. Four teams will make the College Football Playoff, and two on the outside looking in. So without further ado… CP’s top 6:

1.Ohio State (8-0)

I can name teams that have more impressive wins, or even multiple wins in and across the top 25. Fact is none of these teams have won 21 straight and the reigning and defending National Champions. If they lose during the regular season, that’s another discussion. But right now, there’s no way you leave them out when they’ve beaten everyone on their schedule thus far. And the way JT Barrett played last week, it’s going to be tough beating them. Those last two games in November will tell us everything we need to know.

2. Alabama

They may have the best resume in the country. Wins over two top ten teams (at the time) on the road (Georgia, Texas A&M), with the only loss to a Ole Miss team that will play for the SEC Championship if they win out. They have been shaky at times, and were a final drive away from a lost last week at home against Tennessee.  Still after 8 games, I’ve gotta put Bama in my top six. November 7th will change things one way or another.

3. Clemson

Two quality wins (at the time) over  Notre Dame and Georgia Tech, puts the Tigers in my top four. A big game with Florida State looms (Nov 7th).

4. Baylor

Should LSU be here? You have a case if you believe so. I put Baylor here because of the way they have bludgeoned everyone they’ve played this year.  yes, it’s not been against the best opposition, but they way they are winning, I had to give some credit. I believe their biggest strength (offensively) is better than anyone else’s strength in the country. Of course the Bears were dealt a major blow with the loss of Seth Russell. We’ll  see if the Bears are for real with a three game stretch mid November (Oklahoma, Oklahoma St, TCU).  For right now, I put them in the final four

Outside looking in

5. LSU

Alabama and the Bayou Bengals are basically interchangeable right now. Bama got the nod for having one more top ten win than LSU. The Tigers win November 7th, they’re in, and Bama’s out. No more, no less.

6. TCU

How they’ve kept winning with athe rash of injuries on defense is impressive. If Lenord fournette wasn’t being Leonard Fournette, Trevone Boykin would be your Heisman front runner right now. Like the rest of the teams above and below them in the Top 10, a lot can change, as we head down the final stretch.

College Football Playoff Committee

Remember the first poll will be released Tuesday night. The criteria for their rankings are as follows:

  • Championships won
  • Strength of schedule
  • Head-to-head competition (if it occurred)
  • Comparative outcomes of common opponents (without incenting margin of victory)

Enjoy the weekend everyone.

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