Quick Hitters

— Nothing wrong with the College Football rankings this week.. Yes, everyone ( including yours truly) needs something to talk about, and the Top 4 is OK in my book.  Clemson, Ohio State, and Alabama all control their own destiny. The only spot that’s up for grabs (if everything stays the same) is the four spot. Notre Dame, Iowa, Oklahoma State, Florida, are in the mix…. Any other team that wants in needs to hope for complete and utter chaos.

— North Carolina is not getting in. Every team in the top 10 needs to lose. A great season, especially if they cap it off with a win over Clemson., and their  defenisve coordinator has done a hell of a job this season. But you can’t lose to South Carolina early, when you have a number of other one loss or undefeated teams ahead of you.

–If Oklahoma State wins out, I have no problem with them jumping into the fourth spot. Undefeated and beating the likes of TCU, Baylor (Saturday) and Oklahoma in the season finale is a pretty good resume….

—BUT, if they don’t get in, the program can only look back at a pair of non conference games this season: Central Arkansas and Texas-San Antonio. The committee told everyone last season, go out and play people. That’s a program problem if teams decided to go against that and continue play cupcake state University.

—Your only hopes  Power Five leagues:

SEC- Florida, Alabama

Big Ten- Iowa, Ohio State

Big 12- Oklahoma State

ACC- Clemson

Notre Dame

Unless chaos happens, four of these teams will be in the Final Four. you can banter, get upset, whatever. It is what it is, and I believe the above teams are the best in the country.

Funday Thursday

—Anyone seen the dude happy about sweet potato pie? Hilarious. (some strong language)

—I don’t watch alot of movies, but checked out The Gift last week. Pretty good.

—I love reality TV. The DVR is full of shows. My better half told me there are Two new Real Housewives shows are coming to Bravo. I’ll be all over it.

—A fun show to watch over the years on E! was the Soup. Wednesday, it was announced that it’s saying goodbye after 22 years.

Derek and Hansel are back.

—So Ronda loss. Breaking news. It happens. As a boxing fan, styles make fights. Congrats to Holly Holm, who also was gracious in her win. UFC are the big winners in this once these two meet again.

— Excited about the Cotto/Canelo fight. Too close to call for me (along with rooting for both fighters)… If I had to make a pick today, I’ll go with the younger guy in this one in a action packed, fight of the year candidate bout.

I’ll be back with another post after Thanksgiving….so eat everything in sight and I’ll chat again in two weeks. Questions? Comments? find me on Twitter @CarlPratherWAFF or leave a message here

Enjoy the week, and Happy Thanksgiving!




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