A Few Words

The NFL Draft

—I love Jared Goff. I have ZERO clue about Carson Wentz. I watched two games this season. Didn’t notice him at all. He got hurt, and I knew the backup took North Dakota State to the FCS Title game. Once again, I HAVE ZERO CLUE on Wentz. I’ve seen Goff way more in his career, and like what I see (For whatever the hell that’s worth). Hackenberg is another I like (I watched him a lot also).

— The “anonymous” scout is something I always look forward to leading up to the draft. Who knew that your cooking skills will raise or drop your draft stock?  Or the age old Not smart enough and lets throw more hidden connotations in my evaluations.. (For your time.. scroll to number 10).

–It’s all part of the process (good and disgusting),  Draft day is here. Hooray.

–I respect all 32 franchises in the NFL. That doesn’t mean said franchise doesn’t always do smart things. All a fan can have is hope. Tennessee and Cleveland folks, I hope for the best with new respective regimes. History has proven otherwise.




Sports randomness:

–Kobe Bryant dropped 60 points on his way out. Of course “well he shot it every time” person will scoff at the point total.  “Well he shot it every time” person also hates ice cream, pizza, sports cars, and money.

— If Conor McGregor could ever link up with WWE….

–GGG can punch a tad.

— Errol Spence can box a tad.

–Jon Jones is well.. Jon Jones. Really good.

–Justice Winslow. You started a hashtag revolution. Bravo sir.

— And yes, one of these days, I’ll join in.

–Injuries STINK in sports. Understand it’s part of it, but can they ever screw things up.

— Best play of the season in the Majors:  Puig.


One more thing and I’m out:

I was about six or seven  and at my baby sitter’s house, her daughter had a poster of this dude with long hair on a motor cycle with smoke surrounding the picture. I finally was able to watch this movie called Purple Rain, and besides my first ever crush, the lady know as Apollonia came in number two.

I could go on and on with the songs that the dude I came to know as Prince wrote, performed, etc. Had to drop a quick line or two for one of the best that ever did it.

I remember this performance

And this one in the rain. Go figure.

And the guitar solo during Purple Rain (and EVERY song on the album).  Didn’t even get to my favorite songs.. that would take a few pages. Thanks for some of the best music of all time and arguably the best 14 words in a song ever:

Dearly beloved.. we are gathered here today, to get through this thing called life.

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