The worse episode of the season

“1. Luke has crazy eyes.””2. Alex is the same height as I am.”
Alex gets the first date

“I gaucho on my mind.”
And then the guy proceed to hate on Alex for getting the one on one. Go figure.
While on the bus…

98 degrees/backstreet boys rendition. STOP now.
So Alex and JoJo dress up gauchos

“Do you Remember when gaucho pants were a thing?” Wife says.
“You look like something like a Ralph Lauren model,” Alex says.

Then, I saw a gaucho lay a horse down. And I thought he was about to make out with the horse. AND THEN HE DID MAKE OUT WITH THE HORSE.
This is getting bad. Real quick. 
And then….

“I feel like Chad would refuse to do this.”
Alex tells JoJo he’s falling in love with her. She clears her throat. And when they clear their throat fellas… It’s not good.

JoJo tells Alex… Goodbye.

Date Card #2


“Let’s toast to love.”
JoJo And Jordan go to a vineyard and crush grapes. I never want to crush grapes with my bare feet. Then drink the foot wine. I can’t deal with it.
They later talk about family, and Aaron Rodgers. Jordan and his middle brother don’t talk much. Bummer. 
Date card #3




“Let our love soar.”
It rains so the guys stays inside and do silly things. 

James T tried to put 3,456 French fries in his mouth.

Then. A circle massage. Then charades.
This is the worst episode of the series to date.

And then JoJo dares Robby to strip down and run through the halls of the hotel.

This is… Very bad. Like historically bad episode. 
And then James T, continues to throw jabs at Robby… For zero reason. This. Is. A. Historically bad episode.
Not much else here… The group rose goes to Robby.
Luke and JoJo ride more horses… Whew… Had to fast forward… Just couldn’t bare it.
Final Rose Ceremony:


Final rose:

James T… He gone.
Wasted two hours of my realty tv life I won’t get back. Sheesh. On to the family dates next week.

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