Hometown visits

They head to Colorado…his mom and dad divorced… JoJo will meet them separately.. In the midst of that talk… They lock lips.

“I feel like every time she ends a sentence with a guy one on one, it ends in a kiss,” wife says. I’ll take it. Least chad hasn’t came up in the first 6 mins of the show.

Chase’s dad meets JoJo. They chat. Dad has a heart to heart with Chase. Good talk. Good piece of video right here.

Chase then meets with his moms side of he family. There’s a baby with a fake mustache. Not mad at it. Sandy (Chase mom) loves JoJo.

JoJo and Sandy talk about the divorce, and how it affected chase. Mom gives reassurance.

Chase and Sandy (Chase mom) have a heart to heart.

“Momosa (like Mimosa) just want to get your feelings on things.”

“I just fell in love with him,” wife says.


Mom and Chase cry and talk about how awesome JoJo is. Another good moment here. Overall a good hometown trip

CP Grade: A


They go to his school Pleasant Valley. They kiss in the library. He shows her all his high school pics. They discuss Aaron Rodgers. Jordan and Aaron don’t get along. Finally a talk about the other brother that just so happens to be a Super Bowl winning quarterback and one of, if not the best QB in the NFL.

They meet the folks. Literally all the Rodgers boys look EXACTLY alike.

“This is the most vanilla season of the Bachlorette ever. I’m bored,” wife chimes in.

I’m reaching that level.

So… Mom and Jordan have a talk… Mom is great. The end . Meh.

CP Grade: C


They go on a horse and carriage ride in Florida 

“There’s dolphins!” Wife says. “You know his show’s gotten bad when I’m excited about Dolphins.”

JoJo discusses Robby’s ex girlfriend, who he just broke up with three months ago. Something tells me JoJo’s spidey sense knows something is up with Robby and the ex. They talk about the ex, Robby reassures her, they kiss face.

“End a sentence. Make out,” wife chimes in.

They meet the family.. They eat… And the wife makes me burst out laughing:
“I LOVE that mom has a Tervis wine glass. Mom has TWO wine glasses.”

“They ALL are drinking wine out of Tervis cups!”

That sequence from her may have been the best non Chad thing of the season.

JoJo and mom have a talk about the ex girlfriend. Jojo tells mom that she’s falling in love with Robby…. But then….
Mom says robby’s ex’s roommate is saying he broke up with the girlfriend to get on the show. Chase is upset. He goes and talks with JoJo about the rumors. JoJo is confused. OH THE DRAMA!!

He tells JoJo that he will never speak to his ex again.

CP Grade: B


They head to Burnet, Texas… Luke takes JoJo to a big cookout. There are 3,456 people there. JoJo was a little overwhelmed. 

Luke and dad talk about relationships

“Luke has an amazing head of hair.”

True that wife. True that.

They head to a hay sofa and have a heart to heart.

“This looks like one of those Tommy Hilfiger ads back in the 90’s,” wife says.

And then… She says…

“I think Luke is the one. I think I’ve may have been blinded by Chad.”


Could Luke be the one?

And then he drops the mic with a life size flower shaped heart, with candles leading to it in the middle of the country. 

This feels like an early 2000’s romance movie type scene.

And to put the proverbial Bachelorette icing on the cake. Dan+Shay. From the Ground Up. 

“This song is EVERYTHING.”

Yes wife. It is. 

One of the best home visits ever.

CP grade: A+

But WAIT… 

“JoJo. Can I talk to you for a second,” Luke says…..

“WHAT!???” Wife yells.


They talk. Luke says, “I’m in love with you. That’s the only thing that’s been on my mind.”

Luke threw a Hail Mary at the last minute… Can he save himself!?!? THE DRAMMAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

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