Trouble in Thailand

“What is going on,” the guys say, while on the Tarmac at the Rose Ceremony.
Me too. What is happening.
To the rose Ceremony:





JoJo upset. 

“He’s like stunned,” wife says

I’m stunned. Stone Cold Steve Austin Stunned.

Emotional crying…. Wild.

She won’t let him get into the Limo.

“I miss you already,” Luke says

“I’m sorry,” JoJo says.

“Well if you were sorry you would have picked LUKE! GOOD DAY MA’AM GOOD DAY!” Wife yells.

Wife hot as a cayenne pepper on blacktop in the middle of July.

“I was in love with her. But I never got the Chance to love her,” Luke says in the limo.

That’s one hell of a line sir. With all that said, you’re looking at the new Bachelor.


Robby and JoJo hug at the market in Hua Hin Thailand. They eat stuff. Then a foot rub. Robby explains the ex girlfriend. She buys it. They kiss face.
They go to dinner… Robby pulls out a letter his dad wrote him. He gives it to JoJo just case she has “any doubts.” 
And here comes the Fantasy suite… And yup… he accepted.


JoJo plans a hike. They pretend they climbed Mount Everest. Anywho… They go inside a cave.. Looked pretty cool. They can’t kiss inside the temple. 

“Jordan is that guy in college that you know is gonna cheat on you, but you hope for the best,” wife chimes in, eyes squinting with hate.

Dang wife. But then… JoJo ask

“Is this the right guy for me.”

Dang JoJo.

At dinner…JoJo and Jordan talk about the next year and what it would look like.

It’s almost like she’s feeling like he has big plans in the entertainment business… Hmm….

“I wanna spend the rest of my life with you,” Jordan says.

“Uhh, that’s what Ben told me,” JoJo responds.

Plan A didn’t work. Go to lay it on thick Plan B.

“Ever since I told you I was in love with you, when I think of that wedding date, I think about you.”

“He is running gammee,” wife says.

Ahem. Game recognizes game.

“Also ever since I saw him on Pitch Perfect Two, and he was in it, I knew that he just wants to be famous,” wife says… 

He takes the Fantasy Suite. 


Rides up on a 2020 motorcycle… Cause they have those in the middle of nowhere within a beautiful country. Right.

Anywho… Chase picks up a large fish and almost gets a drop of blood in his mouth. JoJo and Chase laugh. Then play kiss face. 
Then they get on a boat. And chat on the beach. They toast… Then get into the water and play kiss face. Kiss face. Kiss face. Kiss face.

But during their date… Here comes Robby… What!?!

“I missed you,” Robby said 

Dang Robby you just gonna slide right into Chase’s date time? Dang it’s real right now. Everyone trying to get those final one liners in.

Chase and JoJo have dinner… He accepts the fantasy suite.. And tells JoJo he loves her. 

“I’m not feeling the way I should feel,” JoJo says.

It’s over Chase… Oover.

And it was. Shoulda kept that I love ya in the back pocket fella.


And then there were two.

OR IS IT!?!?!?


(Had to channel my wrestling announcer voice).

“I care to much to let our relationship end the way it did,” Chase says.

“I’m proud of you, impressed by you, and I’m not mad at you.”

Chase basically wand a shot at love on the Bachelor. 

And one more time… HEEEE GONEEE.

Meanwhile… It’s 1,097 degrees in Thailand… Get these dudes in some AC… So give them the dang roses!!!!

She does. And we head to meet JoJo’s wild and crazy family

A fight to the finish.



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